Consulting Services

We provide demo versions, allowing you to evaluate if our software products are the right tool for your project.

The documentation provides detailed step-by-step instructions including video tutorials to enable you getting the most out of our solutions.

If you prefer personal assistance, e.g. support for advanced installations or configurations, analysis of your project and suitability of our software for your task, or if you just prefer personal training over reading our documentation, our remote desktop consulting services is the perfect choice:

  • You will be served by phone, email or via a TeamViewer v13 remote desktop session for 30 minutes per service ticket.
  • We help you setting up our software and explain the use of the software with step-by-step instructions.
  • Support tickets must be redeemed within 30 days after purchase.
  • Our engineers will make the best efforts to provide high quality consultant services. Due to the nature of such service, however, we cannot guarantee a success for your project. Consulting is offered as a service, not as a work contract.

Purchase Service Ticket

Personal consulting is not free?

Our consulting is provided by the actual makers of the software, enabling us to provide the most efficient support available.

Our software is very inexpensive. Most users understand, that a $50 license cannot include engineer hours of analysing individual computer and network infrastructure configurations required to provide support. A license purchase pays for the software development and maintenance (update, upgrade and major new versions).

Due to the potential complexity of possible configurations and use cases, we can't outsource support to an outbound general-purpose call center which reads a knowledge base to you. Instead, our consulting service is provided by dedicated inhouse specialists with engineer degrees. You probably understand, that this couldn't be provided free-of-charge for low license fee.

Also, user skills vary and adding a flat fee on top of the license price would be unfair for all users, who don't need it. To provide excellent service as individually needed, we offer consulting as a separate time-based paid service.