Consulting Services

We offer demo versions of our software, allowing you to assess whether our products are the right fit for your project.

Our documentation provides comprehensive step-by-step instructions, complemented by video tutorials, to ensure you fully harness the potential of our solutions.

If you desire personal assistance — whether it's for advanced installations, configurations, a project suitability analysis, or if you simply prefer one-on-one training over reading the documentation — our remote desktop consulting service is an excellent option:

  • Assistance is available through phone, email, or a Microsoft Teams or TeamViewer v13 remote desktop session per 30-minute service ticket.
  • We'll guide you in setting up our software and explain its usage with step-by-step instructions.
  • Support tickets must be used within 30 days of purchase.
  • While our engineers strive to deliver top-tier consulting services, we can't guarantee the success of every project due to the inherent variability in consulting. Our consulting is provided as a service and not as a contractual commitment.

Purchase Service Ticket

Personal consulting is not free?

Our consulting is delivered by the very creators of the software, ensuring you receive the most proficient support possible.

While our software is affordably priced, most users recognize that a licene purchase can't encompass the engineering hours needed to analyze unique computer and network configurations for support. The license fee primarily covers software development, maintenance, updates, and major new releases.

Given the myriad of potential configurations and use scenarios, we don't rely on generic call centers that merely read from a knowledge base. Instead, our support is provided by dedicated in-house specialists with engineering degrees. It's reasonable to understand that such expertise can't be offered at no cost, especially considering the low licensing fee.

Additionally, user skills and needs differ. Tacking on a universal fee to the license would be unfair to those who don't require additional support. To cater to individual needs and ensure exemplary service, we offer consulting as a separate, time-based paid service