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How it all began…

Our software on TVPrograms on CD-ROM were the big hit in 1995. Unfortunately also with thieves who picked the expensive CDs from the drives of the presentation computers at the then popular CeBit IT trade show.

It was this situation, when our today's managing director came up with the idea, that started it all: "Why not copy the CD-ROM to the hard disk and simply make Windows believe that this copy were a CD drive."

Virtual CD, the CD drive emulator was born. The program created a new genre and, with several million units sold around the world, became a bestseller. But this was just the start: "If we can virtualize CD-ROMs, why not virtualize the graphics card, too?!".

Available all over the worldOur next product, "MaxiVista" put this new technology into practice and for the first time offered the possibility to use a laptop and later an iPad as an additional display for a PC. This program also reaches a large audience.

With the growing popularity of our software, our team faced the challenge of receiving an increasing number of e-mail inquiries every day. A solution was sorely needed.

Since the market did not offer anything suitable for us, we decided to make a text snippet program on our own which later evolved into the typing productivtity solution "PhraseExpress", now used by well-known companies around the globe.

The boilerplate template management software is continuously improved and available for several platforms.

As developers need to operate several Windows PCs and Macs at the same time, it created a mess of keyboards and computer mice. This situation led to the next product: "ShareMouse" allows to control several computers with a single mouse and keyboard. The mouse pointer can move to any screens of any network connected computer. Even files can be transferred from a Mac to a Windows PC via drag & drop.

If you have gathered a lot of know-how about the cross-platform control of the mouse and keyboard on Windows and macOS during the development of ShareMouse, the way to a mouse automation solution is not far away: "Macro Recorder", the latest addition to our product family, allows you to record frequently used tasks on a Mac or Windows PC for infinite repetitions.

Our Secret to Success

It's plain and simple – We taste our own food.

All products we create are born from our own needs. We intensively use our own software every day.

Any pain spot has been ironed out long before it could reach you.

We are 100% dedicated and really love what we are doing. What sounds like marketing phrase can only be proven by trying our software. We are sure, that you instantly feel the dedication and work we have put into it.

When you contact us, you are in touch with the actual maker of the products. Our customer support is not outsourced.

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