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How it all began…

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Back in 1995, programs on CD-ROMs were a huge hit. However, this popularity also attracted thieves who stole these valuable CDs from presentation computers at the then-popular CeBit IT trade show.

It was during this time that our current managing director had an idea that would change everything: "Why not copy the CD-ROM to the hard disk and make Windows believe that this copy is a CD drive?"

From this thought, Virtual CD—the CD drive emulator—was born. This program didn't just become a bestseller; it created a new genre. But that was only the beginning: "If we can virtualize CD-ROMs, why not the graphics card?"Available all over the world

That line of thinking led to our next product, "MaxiVista," which used this new technology to allow users, for the first time, to use a laptop—and later an iPad—as an additional display for a PC.

As our software's popularity grew, so did the number of email inquiries we received daily. We needed a solution.

When we couldn't find a suitable product on the market, we developed our own text snippet program. This eventually evolved into "PhraseExpress," a typing productivity solution now utilized by renowned companies worldwide. This boilerplate template management software is available across various computing platforms.

But with multiple Windows PCs and Macs at our developer workstations, we faced a clutter of keyboards and mice. This challenge inspired our next product:

"ShareMouse" lets users control multiple computers with just one mouse and keyboard. The mouse pointer seamlessly transitions between screens of any connected computer in the network. Users can even drag and drop files between a Mac and a Windows PC.

Lastly, "Macro Recorder", the newest member of our product line, enables users to record and endlessly replay frequently used tasks on either Mac or Windows.

Our Secret to Success

It's plain and simple – We taste our own food.

All the products we create stem from our own needs, and we use them intensively every day.

Any issues are resolved long before they reach you.

We truly love what we do. While it might sound like a marketing pitch, you'll recognize our dedication the moment you try our software. We're confident you'll instantly feel the effort and passion we've poured into it.

When you reach out to us, you're communicating directly with the creators of the products. Our customer support is not outsourced.

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