Question about autotexts

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Question about autotexts

Post by vertigoelectric » 18 Jun 19, 22:31

This isn't specifically about macro programming, but I'm not sure where else to ask.

I have a bunch of phrases that are currently output the content when you type the autotext. However, my boss wants to be able to also be able to output the autotext by typing the content.

For example, we have a phrase called "as needed". The content is "as needed" and the autotext is "prn". My boss wants the option to either type "prn" to output "as needed" or type "as needed" to output "prn".

Currently the only way I can see how to do this would be to create additional phrases where the autotext and content are swapped. However, I'm wondering if it can be done using only the existing phrases.


I've attached a sample PXP file so you can see what I'm working with.
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Technical Support
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Post by Technical Support » 19 Jun 19, 08:38

If you want to do it in one phrase you could set the autotext to: prn|as needed
and the phrase content to: {#check -text {#autotext} -case == prn -output as needed -else prn}

Peter Stotz
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Post by Peter Stotz » 19 Jun 19, 10:45

Technical Support wrote:
If you want to do it in one phrase ...
Another way could be:
Setting up SmartComplete for all phrases in the directory...

Peter Stotz
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