Run Macro from Windows Batch

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Run Macro from Windows Batch

Post by wschloss » 18 Oct 17, 17:34

Hi, from my system start batch file, I want to immediately and automatically launch Chrome and navigate a specific URL like this: ... 36&bih=791
That is the URL result from a google search for
turtles - music -candy (then via dropdowns; restricted to one year)
Also I would like to launch chrome and immediately and automatically search a string like
turtles - music -candy (even more complex using several advanced Google search features including for instance color, date, image restrictions, etc)

Amazingly Chrome does not have command line parameters that can handle either of these situations correctly, but I think there must be a way to use PhraseExpress to accomplish.
Can anyone help?
Note, I think I can write the PhraseExpress Macro but mostly just don't know how to run it from a batch file and launch the macro.
Also, I want to launch 10-20 such from the batch so looking for a process not a specific. (I am not really that interested in turtles :)
Windows 10, latest all up-to-date
PhraseExpress Latest: 12.x
Hardware: Standard business class laptop
Thank you

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