Beta 6.0.23 is often unresponsive

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Beta 6.0.23 is often unresponsive

Post by vju » 01 May 21, 10:51

i have often the situation that I am not using Sharemouse at all (just one computer, all others are off) and the MacOs Beta App becomes unresponsive (I am offered to kill it, clicking brings the color-wheel).

I am using this on Mac mini M1 with always latest MacOS.

Let me know if I can collect any information.

Technical Support
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Post by Technical Support » 20 May 21, 15:18

Sorry for the late reply.

Could you produce a log file and send it to us?

To create logs:
- Exit ShareMouse if it is running.
- Press and hold the SHIFT-key while launching ShareMouse again. This will make ShareMouse launching in debug mode.
- Reproduce the problem and exit ShareMouse.

The “Console” App will be started automatically with ShareMouse.
Press "Start streaming" in the Console App to start logging. After reproducing the problem, type ShareMouse into the search field of the Console App to filter out irrelevant information and send us the contents.

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