Wrapping text with square brackets  SOLVED

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Wrapping text with square brackets

Post by Savoir » 28 Jul 20, 10:01

Hello everyone,

I've read through the available docs but still cannot figure out how to do the following simple thing: how to wrap a phrase into square brackets, i.e. convert some text into [[some text]] by selecting in and then entering autotext (alternatively by pressing hotkeys).

Thanks in advance.

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Post by low » 28 Jul 20, 11:28

Hi Savoir,


Code: Select all

{#clipboard -copy}[[{#insertclipboard}]]
and assign a hotkey.

Select the text and press the hotkey.

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Post by Savoir » 03 Aug 20, 15:12

Thank you! Any chance to do that without a hotkey, say, by typing [[?

Peter Stotz
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Post by Peter Stotz » 09 Aug 20, 17:54

you could use something like this:

Autotext e.g.: [[
Phrase content:
[[{#trim {#input -head Input text or take it from clipboard: -def some text -single -required}}]]

1. Optional: Mark and copy one or more text snippets with CTRL+C to the clipboard
2. Execute the macro program with autotext [[
3. Input text or take it from clipboard (see the picture)
Input fom the clipbord.jpg
Windows 10 - PhraseExpress v15.0.60-Beta
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Post by Savoir » 13 Aug 20, 12:56

@Peter Stotz, thank you!

That however complicates things even more. I realized I can't produce what I need except when using en-US keyboard layout, since it has square brackets on it. If I use other languages, it doesn't allow for direct input of square brackets since those buttons are occupied by other letters that are used extensively and cannot be utilized as autotext.

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Post by rkychu » 17 Aug 20, 03:12

This is how I do it, see if that works for you

{#clipboard -copy}[{#clipboard -paste}]

define your autotext the way you like it.

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