Extract substring with RegEx  SOLVED

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Extract substring with RegEx

Post by SniperFodder » 09 Jul 20, 01:19


I'm unable to find in the manual how to use Extract substring with RegEx. I have a form input asking for an email, and then I'm trying to process the output with a regex to only grab the first half of the email (Everything before the @). I'm using ^(.+)@.+$


When it outputs I get the full email address still.

Additionally, I can't search the forums.

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Post by low » 09 Jul 20, 10:32

Hi SniperFodder,

it´s a 'positive lookahead'.

Here you can find good explanations and a perfect playground for testing: https://regex101.com/

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Post by SniperFodder » 09 Jul 20, 20:05


I've always wondered what positive lookahead is used for. That clears that up.

Also I recently noticed that your accept button does not work for the downloads. It disables the buttons.


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