Notes on Sync and Permissions

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Notes on Sync and Permissions

Post by TonyG » 14 Oct 21, 17:42

I haven't used PEX in a couple years, just getting back into it and will probably buy again. I like what I see. Thanks.

I noticed this in the v16 video. After doing a sync to a network resource, the phrase folder icons remain normal. When another person begins a sync they see their un-sync'd folders with a 'person' icon. I understand this to mean "all folders are sync'd except those with the 'one person' icon, and after sync the icon should change to normal".

That seems a bit backwards to me. In all other environments, when a folder is shared it gets a special icon. In this case, the "Phrases" top-level folder gets the cloud icon, and everything that is not shared gets a special icon. OK. I understand what it's telling us. Yes, the one icon at the top tells the user the whole file is shared. Yes, the 'one person' icon rather than a 'multi-person' icon means "one person / not shared". I'm just voicing the opinion that others could be confused by this because it's unlike anything else.

Create a new folder and the icon is normal. It does not have the 'one person' icon. Again, I understand this probably means the file will be sync'd. But at the moment it is not, and it may not be sync'd until the next application start - which again could cause some confusion.

Set Access Rights on a folder in a shared file. We can set "Everybody can read" followed by "I can edit".
1a) The 'one person' icon gets set on the folder and remains there after sync. Given the above I think this is a bug.
1b) OR, perhaps the 'one person' icon is being used for two purposes : a folder with special permissions and a folder that is not sync'd. I believe different icons should be used.
2) After manual sync the Phrases folder gets a 'check+cloud' icon. But the files were sync'd before the edit. I believe this icon should be set after the initial sync, not just on manual update and after a change.
3) There doesn't seem to be a way for personal, non-sync'd folders. I understand that an organization may not want users to have private folders, but some might. I suggest an enhancement at some point in v16 to allow user-private folders that are not subject to "Everybody can read". This would require a Settings option to toggle this feature.

In Settings > Options > Phrase File/Database : There is section "Phrase file synchronization [Demo]". I thought this feature was being made available to individual users, not just enterprise users. If all users do get this feature, should "[Demo]" be there? Since this is a beta I'm thinking you might want to remove that text, to avoid it getting into production. If this is an enterprise feature, I don't think it should be. Enterprise users have the database option. Individual users in a small business network could use this file-based feature.

That's it for now. Thanks!!

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Post by Technical Support » 15 Oct 21, 08:42

All data in a file that participates in synchronization will be shared, but depending on set permissions not all users will be seeing the folder. The person icon merely shows that there are permissions set for a certain folder.
If you have private data you do not want to be shared, you can save it in a separate phrase file, which is not synchronized.

Synchronization will be a paid feature, so you will need to have a license to use it.

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