Re-authenticate often?

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Re-authenticate often?

Post by Rosenberg_R » 04 Mar 22, 18:19

I use ShareMouse at home and work. Work is rather restrictive about IP traffic outside of the company walls, so, this may be a "only me" thing.
My copy of ShareMouse re authenticates every several hours. It seems it can't, so it reverts to basic mode. With 2 to 3 computers and 5 screens, that means I have to manually insert my key (on my Mac), then restart ShareMouse on the PCs. That means admin access, which I don't have. I could reboot them instead, but that's a pain when trying to get work done...
Does anyone else have this issue?

Technical Support
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Post by Technical Support » 14 Mar 22, 10:04

Make sure ShareMouse is able to write its configuration file in "/Users/Shared/ShareMouse".
Try going to "System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Privacy -> Full Disc Access" and re-add ShareMouse to the list of allowed apps using the "+" button, ignoring the fact that it is already there.

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