Request: Improved client group segregation

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Request: Improved client group segregation

Post by mikeyward » 09 Dec 20, 23:16

Hello! First, thank you for making such a great product. Sharemouse has transformed how I use the Macs in my home.

I have a feature request/idea I'd like to present: Client groups.

Here's what I mean.
At home and at work, I have different computers I'd like to share with, but never all at the same time.
Let's say I have a personal laptop A, and two different business computers in two different conference rooms, B and C. All three are on the same WiFi network. I want to be able to sometimes share A+B, and sometimes A+C, but never A+B+C or B+C.

Right now, I have two solutions available:
- Quit Sharemouse on whichever computer I want to exclude from the group, but that does not scale well with other employees who want to share _their_ laptop D to either B or C.
- Use a password-based segregation system, which requires that I change my laptop's Sharemouse password every time I want to switch from A+B to A+C or vice versa. This works, but is cumbersome.

My ideal solution would be to have access to groups of clients in the Sharemouse menu that I can switch between to facilitate switching from one group share to another.

I realize this might be a niche case, but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

Thanks again!

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Post by jyc » 04 May 21, 22:06

I actually have the same usecase, so it might not be as niche as you'd think :)

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