Forms with variable manager

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Alejandro Perez
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Forms with variable manager

Post by Alejandro Perez » 09 Sep 20, 07:49

In version 14, I can put a form input in the variable manager section, when I changed in variable manager section all "forms input" change as well. There is a way to do the same thing in version 15, because the insert phrase function does not work as variable manager due to if there is a form in the principal phrase, I have to click ok to see the other form. I attached a video that could explain better.
Phrase Express Form_1.mp4
Thank you.
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Post by admin » 09 Sep 20, 08:03

The variable feature will be removed from PhraseExpress v15. The new version converts your variables into phrases in a folder "Variables" in your phrase file and replace all occurrences of the variables in your phrase library with links to the new phrase. This will maintain functionality for you, simplifys the user interface and allows you to use more PhraseExpress for the phrases that replace your variables, such as user access and program restrictions.

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