Usage statistics and graphic indicators

Beta test feedback for the next PhraseExpress v15
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Usage statistics and graphic indicators

Post by EdenGenesis » 11 May 20, 12:09

Hello everyone!

I have been using PEX for many years (since version 11 Enterprise) which I renew every year and I was very happy to learn that version 15 was released in BETA.

I sincerely thank the Barthels Media for their excellent work. To all who use the free version, I strongly advise you to support them by purchasing a license. PEX is by far the best text automation tool in the world and I have already tested other software.

So I'm writing to make a suggestion for version 15 or later of PhraseExpress.

I would like there to be more graphical indicators in PEX and especially a statistic on the use of words.
A window or column where you can see the number of uses for abbreviations and sets, and for how long an abbreviation has been used most recently in order to decide if it is still relevant to keep it or if we can throw it away to avoid keeping it and cluttering up our database for nothing.
It would also be interesting to have a button in the menu to be able to switch to "statistical mode", where the counting column in the list of sets indicates the number of uses for each set, and the list of abbreviations indicate the total number of extensions and how long each item has been used most recently.

I don't know if this is already possible but I would also like to be able to sort my code snippets by these values ​​(indicated above), to see which abbreviations I use frequently and which can be forgotten (and why not, deleted) .

Here are some sample images to illustrate my point : ... p=drivesdk ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

Of course, given the current progress of PEX15, I strongly doubt that my request will be accepted, in any case, for version 15, but I hope that it will be approved and taken into account for future versions.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my suggestion. Have a great day.

Best regards,

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Post by admin » 11 May 20, 14:08

You can review usage count and time of last use for individual phrases if using a SQL server.

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Post by low » 12 May 20, 11:48

I would appreciate to have that function in the non-sql versions.
It would really simplify the cleanup of outdated phrases.

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Post by alfieri » 20 May 20, 19:35

yes, i need this

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