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Post by elbeau » 19 Mar 22, 15:40

Can PhraseExpress restructure various date formats entered in a user form? All entries should be converted to the yyyy-mm-dd format (including the leading zeroes).

For Example:
12/2/2021, 12.2.2021, 2021.12.2, 12-2-2021 (etc.) should each output 2021-12-02.
Ideally, 12.2.21 would result in 2021-12-02, filling in the year.

I tried using the Date/Time function, but I'm not sure that's the right choice. Date/Time with a format of "-f yyyy-mm-dd" will transform 12/2/2021 into 2021-12-02 but 12-2-2021 partially matches the Date/Time custom-entered format, so the user entry is changed to "Today's Date."

Any ideas?
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