Document Generation & Temporary Variables

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Document Generation & Temporary Variables

Post by elbeau » 17 Aug 21, 15:00

I have searched the forums and internet but haven't been able to find a workable solution - I am hoping you can help!

I regularly create MS Word reports that are similar, and I've been doing this with PhraseExpress forms by manually entering form/variable data. The user-completed form fields are saved as temporary variables and later used to complete additional sections.

However, rather than doing it manually, I would like to complete those variable fields by importing data (2 column key/value pair spreadsheet) -- maybe even into the temporary variables. There is one spreadsheet per unique report, so I choose the appropriate spreadsheet each time.

I was watching a video where PhraseExpress searches through the columns, but it does not appear to be the best approach for my use case, as it looks like you have to hardcode the location every time.

I envision running the Document Generator and then directing it to the spreadsheet one time to import/save the temp variables before PhraseExpress completes the action.

Can anyone steer me in the right direction or offer a better approach/solution?


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