Phrases Dropdown - No Checkbox Option?  SOLVED

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Phrases Dropdown - No Checkbox Option?

Post by PicOlio » 28 Jul 19, 19:08

I am using PhraseExpress v14

I use a lot of "Phrases Dropdowns" in which the dropdown includes phrases in another folder. When I use this, I am not finding a way to use checkboxes so I can check/select multiple phrases from the dropdown menu. When I use the "Checkbox Dropdown" I can do it but it's not realistic for the size of many of my phrases - I really need to have it select the phrase options from another phrase folder which it does great but them limits me to only selecting one phrase from the dropdown menu.

Is there a way to use Phrases Dropdowns that select from another phrase folder to be checkboxes?

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Post by Technical Support » 29 Jul 19, 15:58

No, there is no such form element at this point.

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