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Android App floating icon

Post by TonyG » 18 Apr 19, 01:50

Where is the best place for questions and enhancement requests for the Android app?

The floating icon auto-positions itself at the end of the active text box - or relative to the current cursor position. There are many times when this is not desirable, specifically when trying to position the cursor at the end of the line. I have had to tap to a different location so that the icon repositions, and then click back where I actually want to enter text. It sometimes takes several attempts to do this, and with occasional accidental taps on the icon.

I'm hoping you will add a Settings option to position the icon elsewhere on the screen. Or better, a positionable float like Facebook Messenger and other chat apps? This way we can drag the icon out of the way rather than forcing the app to guess where the icon should go.

I appreciate that the app integrates its data with the Windows client through Google Drive. That does help. Thanks. This kind of integration moves me closer toward a purchase.


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