Gmail Auto Suggest eMail Recipient Causing Issues

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Gmail Auto Suggest eMail Recipient Causing Issues

Post by Thorrrr » 06 Mar 19, 12:27

HI Guys
I have many email phrases with the recipient(s) included and then a Subject Line entry and a premade text for the body and finished off with a signature, which has always worked.
I am struggling to get them to work now with Gmail auto-suggesting other recipients maybe 1 or 2 or even 3 I cannot get it to tab down to Subject line!!
I have tried various methods is there a way to get PE to move through Gmail compose page and fill it out correctly?
I have discovered it is not possible to switch off Gmail auto-suggestion feature.
But there must be a way to get PE to work with Gmail I just need a guru who can figure it out.
I have spent 8 - 12 hours trying to get it to work but the auto email suggestion stops PE in its tracks.
Soon as it enters the predefined emails it cannot move any further.

Please see attached video!Ao6WCX2miTCJh9VOyQD ... Q?e=D18bIr

The phrase

{#NONE -chars c -variablename Compose New}{#sleep 1000 -variablename Wait x milliseconds}{#SHIFT {#TAB -count 2} -variablename Pick eMail From}{#DOWN -count 3 -variablename Select correct email}{#ENTER -variablename Enter}{#TAB -count 2 -variablename Move To Line}Danny Hall <>,Roshan Senanayake <>{#SHIFT {#TAB -count 3} -variablename Move to Subject Line}Test Subject Line Text{#TAB -variablename eMail Mainbody Tab}Hello i made it to compose window


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