Possible to change directory of local phrase file?  SOLVED

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Possible to change directory of local phrase file?

Post by baffleblend » 02 Nov 18, 17:41

I want to use the portable version of PhraseExpress on an external hard drive, but:
1. I want the configuration to be the same on each instance I use.
2. I don't want it leaving new files behind in the PC's documents folder.

With those problems, it doesn't feel like it actually is portable. So is it possible to direct it to a pre-existing file, without creating a new one? I've tried importing, I can't install a cloud server on a public PC. If I could just put my local phrase file in the program folder without it creating another one, then I wouldn't have these problems.

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Post by Technical Support » 05 Nov 18, 11:45

Are you sure the application is running in portable mode? (Does it say "Portable" in the title bar?)
As it should not create any files outside of the external hard drive in this mode.
To force the portable mode, start the application with "-portable" command line parameter.

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