Other keys being held down during Macro after the Macro finishes. Please Help!

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Other keys being held down during Macro after the Macro finishes. Please Help!

Post by yoboyyash » 28 Aug 18, 17:31

I am new to macro programs but I am using the Mouse Recorder program to create the sequences that I need. While having Mouse Recorder open the macro plays as it's suppose but since I can't have many of them open at once I am using "Send to Phrase Express" I suppose you have to use this to use more than one Macro. Which I have done. The issue I am having is whenever I execute the macro with a hotkey (F1) about 2-3 sec long is it's duration in which if I am holding down any other keys (WASD, QE) they happen to get locked held down and won't get released till I release and press them once again. This doesn't happen when I am using Mouse Recorder because there are a few check boxes in setting that allow other mouse/keyboard actions to not interrupt or alter it's original purpose. I can't find anything in setting of Phrases Express. Please help thanks.

Extra detail:
1) When I am making my macro in Mouse Recorder none of it is composed of the any mice commands or paths it's all keys (keyboard).
2) One example being *Start Macro* 7, Ctrl+9, Ctrl+0, 9, 1 *End Macro*
3) In Mouse Creator the Ctrl keys come along with command type "hold down" "release up"
4) The macro works just fine in mouse creator and nothing goes wrong while holding down other keys just not in the Phase Express unfortunately.
5) I have to have a hotkey to execute
6) I want to be able to use the mice and other keys along with it before after and during the execution of the macro.

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