Not sure if this is possible but...

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Re: Not sure if this is possible but...

Post by Peter Stotz » 29 Sep 17, 23:12

Hi nsyrax, try this:
Write a text in a WORD document.
Mark the word or the section of text to be linked.
Execute the following phrase (with a hotkey at best).
Select the file to which you want to link.

Code: Select all

{#CTRL {#SHIFT -chars k}}{#CTRL {#SHIFT -chars u}}{#clipboard -copy}{#CTRL -chars k}{#focus Link einfügen}{#OPENDLG -TITLE Please select the file by clicking on it: -DEFEXT -DEFFILENAME -INITDIR D:\Dokumente\}{#tab}{#enter}
Please adjust
1. the #focus text "Insert link" for your WORD language setting
2. the parameter -DEFFILENAME in the phrase (optional also the parameters -DEFEXT and -DEFFILENAME).

At my tests, WORD sometimes didn't include some file names in the link - probably because they contained special characters like # or something like that.
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