Checkbox Dropdown with blank output option

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Checkbox Dropdown with blank output option

Post by AdventurousGoose » 05 Nov 21, 16:23

Is there a way to make a checkbox dropdown with a blank output option that DOES NOT end up displaying the Description when checked?

For example, when "Other Letter" is checked and the letter "Z" is typed into the "Input other letter", the output is: Other LetterZ. If "A", "B" and "Other Letter" are checked and the letter "Z" is typed into the "Input other letter", the output is: A, B and Other LetterZ

I would like for the output to be "Z" for the first, and "A, B and Z" for the second. Is this possible?

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{#forminput -text Letters -type 5 -items A|B|C|D|E|F|Other Letter -vals A|B|C|D|E|F| -uncheckedvals |||||| -enum ,  -lastenum  and  -variablename Letters}{#forminput -text Input other letter -type 0 -def  -visgroup Other Letter -variablename Input other letter}
Edit: Also, I know that you can add in an input INTO the checkbox dropdown blank selection, but this results in a form having to pop up afterwards instead of it being directly inserted into the form that is currently being used. I want this input to be inside the current form and not have to open a new form.

Edit2: So the only way that I can find to work around this is to add in a blank character {#asc 32} into the blank output option and then adding a header with {#BKSP -variablename BackSpace} to the "Input other letter". This results in the output initially having an extra space, but then being removed and it coming out normally: A, B and Z

Edit3: I finally figured out a way to accomplish this by putting [any specific text] as the output option, and then using Process Output -> replace text with a copy of the output text [any specific text] in the Search string and the replacement string being left blank.

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