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by baltazar
10 Sep 21, 13:46
Forum: Beta Test v16
Topic: A few things - using 16.0.70i - Beta
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A few things - using 16.0.70i - Beta

First, let me be clear that I really like your product, otherwise I would not bother taking notes and writing this. With that clear: Some stuff that I believe I can call small errors: a) The ' [fireDAC][Phys][SQLITE]ERROR: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed ' is showing up a lot. I several different uses...
by baltazar
10 Aug 21, 16:48
Forum: Beta Test v16
Topic: QuickAcess Toolbar
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QuickAcess Toolbar

1) Some macros doesn't stay in the quickacess toolbar. Ex: add-sleep . It seems to work, but after a reestart of the program, the button doesn't stay there. 2) Is there a way to re-add the (REDO - rigtht arrow) to quick acess toolbar? I removed while trying to put the "restrict trigger to certain pr...