About Bartels Media GmbH

Bartels Media GmbH is a privately held company with its main office in the heart of Trier, Germany's oldest city, with its Roman history and beautiful landscape.

We develop professional software for the Windows, macOS, Mac iOS and Android platform.

In 1997, Gunnar Bartels, general manager of Bartels Media GmbH introduced the first CD/DVD Emulation technology world-wide. This award-winning software product “Virtual CD” was sold more than 2 million times.

Another product is “PhraseExpress”, a Text Expander for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, autotext utility and text snippet management software.

“ShareMouse” is software for Windows and Mac, that allows users to control multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard.

For more than 20 years, we  aim to provide software that helps you to get things done with ease and fun!

We fine tune every detail of our software so that you won’t have to worry about it. You will not find many option dialogs or configuration windows that too often only serve a show-off purpose.

Bartels Media is a small and personable software company. We devote our passion to compete on innovation, usability and customer service.

Company Milestones

1997 - Market introduction of Virtual CD, the first CD Emulator technology world-wide.

1998 - Virtual CD receives ZiffDavis Software Innovation Of The Year-Award.

2001 - More than 2 Million copies sold.

2002 - Release of PhraseExpress, an award-winning Text Snippets Organizer solution.

2011 - Release of ShareMouse, a Mouse and Keyboard Sharing Software.

2012 - Added support for SQL servers for PhraseExpress.

2013 - Release of the Autotext Outlook Add-In for PhraseExpress.

2014 - Release of the Text Expander for Android.

2015 - Release of macro automation software Mouse Recorder.

2016 - Release of the Text Expander for iPhone and iPad beta.